ICON - GTSD - 2021

Sponsored By

Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST)

Department of Science & Technology, Goverment of Gujarat, India

Industrial Knowledge Partners

We would like to invite various leading chemical and pharmaceutical industries to be our “Industrial Knowledge Partners” for the Conference. It will motivate other industries to create awareness about the concept of Green Technologies for sustainable development. The idea behind engaging with Knowledge partners from industries is to have an enunciated perspective in the dominion of proposed conference. Our thinking is to have first-hand account on the subject matters from the Industrial realm who are practically involved in the areas aligned to conference theme proposed herewith. In India, generally the academic sphere is not well aligned with the Industry when it comes to impart the practical knowledge. Industrial Case Studies are excellent examples of putting science and technology in practice with commercial viability and addressing the societal as well as environmental concerns. And therefore, they carry and utmost importance in dissemination of knowledge. Keeping this in mind we devised an opportunity to invite leading industry candidates from India as knowledge partners with the main aim of bringing in out-of-the box ideas from luminaries of Industry, who are having legacy of excellent R&D and huge experience in the proposed subject matter. We know that such exercises are not commonly practiced in India in an academic conferences and that is why we took this up as a challenge as well as an opportunity to bring Industry and academies on a common platform on national and global importance issues such as Sustainable Development and Green Technologies.

At present, following industries are ready to join hands with us as our Knowledge Partners for the conference and share their case studies/experience with participants.

  • Reliance Industries
  • UOP Honeywell
  • Linde India
  • Sanofi India
  • PI Industries
  • Colourtex
  • Gujarat Cleaner Production Center
  • United Phosphorous Ltd.
  • SoliQz B.V.
  • Honeywell-UniSim
  • Navin Fluorine International Limited
  • Heat Transfer Society of India
  • Solvay